The Officers of the Western Region are elected in accordance with the By-Laws of the NBS. The elected positions are Vice President, Director, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also appointed positions within the region, these positions are appointed by the Vice President of the region. The Western Region Executive Board consists of both elected and appointed positions.

Below is a listing of both elected and appointed positions:

Regional Vice President: David Geiger Summer Carnival Chairperson: (currently open)
Regional Director: Brenda Holden Head Snowboard Coach: (currently open)
Secretary: Debi Dohm Head Ski Coach: John Tinsley
Treasurer: Todd Hood Adult Racing Operations/Safety: Ken Williams
Financial Secretary: Kiesha Geyen Cross Country Skiing: Charles Ward
Youth Director: Yolanda Lockhart Web Master: Norman Boyden
Membership: Dedra Geran Fun Fest Staff Chairperson: Lori Moore
OIS Chairperson: Afarah Board Sponsorships Chair: Cherese Lewis
Marketing/Outreach Chair: Shauna Kinsey Athlete Funding Chair: Dino White
Travel Chair: Frank Robertson
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