National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS)
Annual Meeting /Challenge Cup
(AM CC) 2012 – Sun Valley, Idaho

Been there done that…NOT!

If you have previously attended an NBS Ski Summit, you know what it’s like.   If you’ve attended one summit, you’ve attended any summit.   WELL that is just not true!   This year’s AM CC was one for the record books.

Maybe it is the fact that NBS kicked off the Opening Ceremony in the Town Square with our new sponsor Diageo serving up free drinks, warmed up in the coffee shop, and then launched the Pub Crawl where NBS registered participants were hosted by seven different restaurants and bars all along Main Street with free food and drink specials.   This might explain why NBS’ers were found running from bar to bar the rest of the week!

431434_10150570480216262_575506261_9221943_223366062_n.jpgMaybe it was the fact that the Mayor of Ketchum, and the President of Sun Valley Resort, both attended the Opening Ceremonies and rolled out the red carpet for the NBS (Check this, even giving the NBS President, Haymon Jahi, the key to the city).  This might explain why all the businesses’, townspeople, the nearby city of Haley (where the gas station is the liquor store) and other tourist’s opened their arms to NBS all week long.

Maybe it was the fact that every time the Wobble was played, the dance floor was packed; at the kickoff party at the Sun Valley Inn resort, Saturday night; at the NBS extended Happy Hours at the River Run Day Lodge on the mountain from 3:30pm to 7:30pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights;  at the renegade (NBS calls them non-registered participants these days)-hosted Happy Hours at Roosevelt’s and Whiskey Jacques every night; and at the Picnic on the Hill that was moved from Warm Springs Day Lodge due to the snowstorm on Wednesday.  This might also explain why even the locals knew the steps to the Wobble by the end of the week.

427716_10150570470141262_575506261_9221874_1503842344_n.jpg419144_10150570470186262_575506261_9221876_561300263_n.jpg419418_10150570470241262_575506261_9221877_549474263_n.jpgMaybe it was the fact that revelers flew in from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Tampa, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma, Seattle, Oregon and Canada. because they had no snow at home.   This might explain why God Blessed us with 10 new inches of snow on Wednesday.

Maybe it was the fact that the newest club to request NBS membership, the all-female Sugar and Spice Snow and Social Club came to every Happy Hour with the goal of showing up and showing out!   That would explain why their members are all over the one local newspaper and digital camera memory cards from coast to coast.

429118_10150570480406262_575506261_9221947_1274495216_n.jpgMaybe it was the fact that the lift lines were non-existent, making it possible to get more runs and more mileage in within record time.   I just know that cruising the steep green runs such as Christin’s Silver (that were virtually blues) felt so good that you did not want to stop until you reached Cold Springs lift.  This might explain why you could always run into someone “going your way”, if you were looking for a ski-buddy any time that week.

64733_10150570480571262_1933937115_n.jpgMaybe it was the fact that from the tops of the mountains, wherever you looked, you saw God’s country...shades of blue skies, puffy white clouds, mountains reaching to the heavens in the horizon, and periodically seeing a bird or two.   That might explain why it would get so quiet at times while you were waiting for the rest of your crew to come to the top and or exiting the lift chair.

Well, whatever the reason it was for this year, I’m determined to be there next year, when the NBS hosts the 40th year Anniversary at Aspen/Snowmass from February 23 – March 2, 2013.  As a matter of fact, NBS is offering an early registration incentive “NBS40” special.  Doesn’t matter   if you were a registered or unregistered attendee at either of the past two NBS summit events at Sun Valley or Winter Park.

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